Aum Impex


Hospital Equipments

Hospital equipments, Instruments, Consumabels

AUM offers on a turnkey basis complete consultancy for hospitals. In consultancy
we can offer right from the blue print to complete furnishing and O.T facilities.
The facility can be used by client who are planning a hospital/polyclinics or for an
exisiting hospital that wants to revamp itself.

*  Hosptial furniture (Beds, Stretchers etc)
*  ECG machines
*  O.T equipment, X-ray machine, Dental equipments etc.

*  General surgery
*  ENT
*  Cardiovascular
*  Ophthalmic etc.

*   I.V Sets, Blood sets, Urine bags, Catheters, I.V. Cannulae, Needles, Syringes etc.
*   Bandages, Adhesive tapes, Plasters
*   Antiseptics, Sprays
*   ECG Gel, Breathing bags, surgical and examination gloves
*   Blood bags, Sutures, Surgical blades, Cotton wool etc.