Aum Impex


Ayurvedic Formulations

India has been a traditional source of Ayurvedic medicines and it offers one of the best cures
in the world. AUM offers Ayurvedic prepration from one of the oldest manufacturing unit in
Northern India estbalished in the year 1890 and has been continuously working in the field
of Ayurvedic medicines for last 130 years. The Ayurvedic products are made entirely from
natural plants.

The aim is to produce Ayurvedic medicines in a traditional manner. Based on ancient books
so that they can become more effective. The unit is GMP certified and despite using traditional
method of manufacturing. We have estringent quality control regualtions.

AUM offers complete range of formulations. The range includes medicines for curing blood impurity,
diabetes, blood pressure, cough and cold etc.